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Revolutionary platform provides hoteliers with a comprehensive overview of guest behavior and its effects on hotel operations and profits

Hong Kong, April 15 2015 - FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading global provider of comprehensive hospitality solutions and services, has announced the release of its latest innovation for the global hospitality market: FCS Vega, a first-of-its-kind solution that provides hoteliers with a long desired ability to tap into and understand the specific behavior of each individual guest. This innovative new business intelligence system leverages the extensive guest-related data available through the FCS Rainbow Solution, an industry-leading platform that streamlines daily operations with enhanced guest service management. FCS Vega integrates this critical data stream with the hotel's third party systems' data to analyze guest behavior in a variety of scenarios; from the guest's searching behaviors to their actual stay and feedback afterwards. This 360-degree view of the stay experience makes Vega the only solution offering insights into exactly how guests interpret and react to a hotel's various services and amenities. 

FCS Vega works by dividing typical guest-related behavior into five distinct categories, defined by the platform as "Spirits." This is accomplished through comprehensive reports and real-time dashboards, categorized to represent the five specific types of guest behavior, including:

Search - compiles data on search results, such as price and amenities typically found by guests within a variety of media outlets (online advertisements, advertisements etc.) and how such data affects their booking habits

Book - Provides insight into what led to a booking decision (loyalty program, word of mouth etc.). This also records details regarding what other amenities have been ordered like breakfast or transportation needs, along with insight on where the booking was made (hotel website, mobile app, third party website and etc.)

Stay - Offers information on a guest's stay purpose (business related or not), which facilities they opted to use within the hotel, and any preferences, requests or complaints, as well as their manner of checking in (online, mobile app, front desk etc.)

Spend - Furnishes vital statistics on individual guest spending habits that can be broken down and analyzed by demographic and/or season of the year.

Feedback - Provides hoteliers with the opportunity to efficiently compile and analyze guest feedback from either internal/external surveys or social media accounts (Facebook, TripAdvisor etc.)

On top of the 5 "Spirits" of a Guest, FCS Vega also includes the "Three Pillars of Hotel Business," a core business philosophy that separates the five spirits into three distinct areas of hotel management, which are Marketing, Sales and Operations.  For example, in working with FCS i-Guest, the Marketing pillar provides an analysis on guest search, booking and feedback behaviors, providing hoteliers with the necessary research to implement an effective brand building campaign. The Sales pillar alternatively works with data gathered from FCS Unicorn and other third party revenue systems, to provide comprehensive analytics on sales performance in several areas, including property-wide amenity sales and convention/event sales, to name a few. Lastly, the Operations pillar heavily relies on FCS e-Solution to provide an accurate representation of the guest experience during their stay at the hotel. By monitoring the quality of front and back office activities along with those of the call center, hoteliers are able to ensure that the services that directly influence the guests' satisfaction are always performed efficiently at a superb level.

FCS Vega is available in two distinct versions. The Standard version is designed for single hotel, available on-premise to maximize integration with other on-site systems or systems hosted in the cloud. Its ability to connect with the FCS Rainbow Solution and other third party systems, allows data consolidation, business analysis and 2-way data transfer for new business rules creation back to all systems tied to Standard Vega.  The Enterprise version is for Corporate Office/ Group Level use, which is available in a SaaS model. Each property's Standard Vega, regardless of its location, can automatically transfer its unique data to the Enterprise Vega for a consolidated view and assessment of guest behavior across a chain.  Most amazingly, Enterprise Vega allows Corporate Office to create or adjust its existing business practices from the Headquarter back to each individual property.

Within Standard and Enterprise Vega, there are four pre-defined dashboards, or alternatively, allowing management to create any customized dashboard by simply dragging and dropping the desired real-time data onto the dashboard. This functionality allows any hotel to effectively attain a full understanding of their guest spirits and how their operations affect their revenue and profits.  Such assessment of those information, allows hoteliers to improve the overall revenue, profits and operations remotely and instantly, for individual property or all properties at a group level. 

"In the hospitality industry, many disparate systems are involved to predict a guest's behavior on how they searched and selected a hotel, what they booked and how their experience was during their stay. Most importantly, what the guests think and say about their stay at the selected hotel afterwards," said Akina Ho, VP of Strategy and Global Business Development at FCS. "The problem is, all this data is not correlated, and the only way was to manually put all information together and interpret what the data means in excel or another format that can present the data as correlated as possible. However, using Excel or PowerPoint to manipulate such rich data limits its intelligence and value. Thus, a system like Vega must exist to merge all valuable data together. It's like a puzzle; each piece of data must fit in a certain way to display a full holistic picture. The difference being, only can Vega reveal a clearer picture of the puzzle for hoteliers in regards to guest behaviors and how it impacts their business. It also provides business intelligence and recommendations for an individual hotel at the Standard Vega level.  At the Enterprise Vega level, it's even more powerful as it allows all properties or subgroups under a hotel chain to show what each hotel is like when compared against their counterparts or as a group. Vega is like a microscope and a telescope, all- in-one, for the hotel industry!"  

FCS believes that all hotels are looking for answers. Only by using Vega, such answers can be readily accessible and easy to interpret for immediate action.

To learn more about FCS Vega, please visit

About FCS

Founded in 1982, FCS is a comprehensive hospitality technology solutions and services provider, with an extensive portfolio of integrated products used by more than 5,000 hotels with over 8,000 installations in 32 countries. FCS Mobile Applications are available on guests' own mobile devices, as well as the hotel's devices, allowing convenient access to hotel information and services. This functionality seamlessly integrates into five web-based guest serving applications, including e-Connect, e-Housekeeping, e-Recovery, e-Engineering and e-Concierge to enhance service optimization and the guest experience. These applications all integrate with the hotel's PMS and other third-party systems via FCS Gateways products; Unicorn and Phoenix. For more information, please visit

Contact: Fion Chu / +852-3195-8085

Contact: for media: Andrea Roland, Plan A Public Relations & Marketing, Inc. / +1 (407) 905-0608

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